DataLife token

Contract address: 0xedCd82784027001d7aF57A34501C65A25F97fEe4


DataLife token is all about the way we gather data and access useful information, making data gathering and sourcing easy while being powered by the blockchain technology. DataLife token will be used to pay for all access to data bieng gathered by our agents. People can sign up to become an information gathering agent and will be paid with DataLife token. This token will revolutionize the way we think about data gathering and access. You can get more information from our white paper.


The DataLife token has migrated to the ethereum blockchain and is now an ERC20 token. We moved to this platform because of guranteed security, fast transaction time and the massive continued support from the developers of the token.

Road Map

datalife road map

White paper

For more information about the project, please click here to take a look at our white paper.


Why use Datalife token

What we offer

We give you an easy way to power your access to data with the blockchain.

How it works

You tell us what kind of data you need and we contact our local data gathering agents to get you what you need while vetting the information provided. You pay us with Datalife token and we pay our agent with DataLife token.

Built on the ethereum blockchain

Because we care about security and reliability.

Full Support

Full token support and integration.

Contact Us.

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